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Life is too short to stay in one place. So, I travel the world with my camera on-hand for these particular reasons. Seeing beautiful landscapes, knowing the cultures, customs and history of human life, meeting new friends, exploring what´s going on in the streets, and of course sharing those great memories through my lens.

I´m  a Filipino Travel Photographer based in Iceland. There is not much things to say about myself, but to make the story short, I choose Iceland to live simply because, it is
a paradise of Photographer.I just love to travel. My photos tells everything who I am. One of my photo was being exhibited in Qlick Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands last December 9,2017. The theme was all about ''Urban Scenery''.


''Buying a camera doesn´t makes you a Photographer. You need to get out there, learn the techniques, practice and repeat. ''

''Photography is just a simple work of ART telling stories through camera and lenses  .'' 

''You don´t need an expensive cameras and lenses to take a good pictures. All you need to have is patience when taking landscapes for instance, etc. A good pictures tells a good story not by an expensive stuff you have.''

''You know what, every Photographer has its own style of taking pictures depending of what genre they like the most. But, the best style of taking pictures is, the style you are most comfortable with. Just follow what your heart tells you what genre you really like to do.

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